What We Do

We are a strategy-led, hands-on hospitality design agency who believe our job is more than F&B design. Collaborating with our clients we Create, Design & Deliver exceptional restaurant concepts that work.


As a collective of hospitality experts we strategically research the local market and create innovative concepts based on professional insight.
  • Market Research
  • Engage Local F&B Experts
  • Collaborative Immersions
  • International & Local Trending
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Price Matrix
  • Target Demographic Analysis
  • User Typology Analysis
  • Concept Creation
  • Blue-sky Brainstorming
  • Core DNA
  • Key Equipment
  • Service Hallmarks
  • Brand Message
  • Naming
Taking the lead, we collaborate with our multi-disciplinary design teams to realize the correct customer experience for each unique F&B destination.
  • Interior Design
  • Branding & Collateral
  • Lighting Design
  • AV Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Uniform Design
  • OS&E Design
  • Art Curation
Working with our Network of Hospitality Experts, we assemble the correct operational team to help deliver exceptional service.
  • Tasting & Training
  • Menu Development
  • Unique Recipes
  • Targeted Brand take overs
  • Service Manuals
  • Operational Manuals
  • Key Personnel Analysis
  • Operational Assistance
  • Art & Photography Curation
  • Marketing Strategies

Who We Are

We are a unique collective of world-class hospitality & design professionals who are multidisciplinary in our work and holistic in our approach.


Stephan Brutti
Global Principal - Singapore Based
Passionate about what makes a restaurant unique, Stephan has over 2 decades of multidisciplinary bar/restaurant management and design experience. Collaborating with clients, his instinctual understanding of conceptual development, design, hospitality and ability to capture ideas visually creates spaces that people love and love to be in.
Phee Gardner
F&B Operations Director Asia - Singapore Based
With over 20 years of restaurant / hospitality experience, Phee is an industry expert who has skills in brand management, marketing, sponsorship, strategic planning and social media.
Garrow Seal-Sinclair
Creative Director - London Based
Garrow brings 20 years of F&B experience and real design flair to our Social F+B By Design Studio in London. Collaborating with our global team to bring ground breaking F&B destinations to Europe and MEA.
Linibel Phuttitarn
R&D Strategy Lead
Linibel brings a wealth of experience in hospitality & F&B strategy from working with the leading global management hotel companies, consulting firms, and real estate developers including Horwath HTL, FRHI, IHG, and Price Waterhouse Coopers.
Junya Fujii
Creative Director - Hong Kong Based
Junya has more than 15 years design experience working on a wide range of project in Asia that include luxury hotel brands, stand-alone specialty restaurants. Specializing in exceptional interiors in the hospitality design sector, he provides great focus and detail to F&B projects. His approach to the design of each project is bespoke, exceptional & timeless.
Cholatorn Jamjan
Design Manager - Bangkok Based
Actively involved in all aspects of F&B interior design from inception until completion, Cholatorn is a conscientious designer manager bringing a keen eye and multicultural context to everything her team does. Applying her exceptionally high standard of design aesthetics she explores challenges and creates the best solution for clients on every project.
Serinah Chan
Senior FF&E Designer - Singapore Based
Specialising in Hotel and Resort Interiors with extensive hospitality experience Serinah is highly effective in material sourcing, selection and implementation of both hard and soft finishes. Her pursuit of unusual, new materials merged with an inherent understanding of textures and colours brings a sense of cohesion and excitement to every client project.
Vanichar Sintraveevongse
Senior Designer - Singapore Based
Believing that the surrounding environment and ambience is at the heart of great design, Vanichar provides clients with well-conceived projects that achieve the highest level of design for their budget and timeline. She excels at creating multi-sensory concepts that have room to evolve with the needs of the restaurants.
Azri Mohamed
Project Designer - Singapore Based
Driven by a strong passion for design and technology, Azri understands each project is enhanced by the collaborative approach. With a keen eye for detail and the ability to assemble creative and abstract ideas into reality, he develops unique and exciting F&B concepts and spaces for clients and chefs.
Brian Yap
Project Designer - Singapore Based
Exposed to design from an early age, Brian has always been fascinated with how the creative process plays a vital role in the way guests interact with a space. Aware of the way design and interiors relate to one another to tell a story, his multi-disciplinary skill set provides clients with refined, impactful and inspiring spaces.


Our collection of hospitality experts comprising of Chef/Owners, Chefs, Sommeliers, Restaurant GM’s and more give true insights and meaning to every project.
Our collaborators are leaders in their fields, providing the expertise to deliver the correct experience.
Leading independent design firm specialising in Commercial Kitchens, Foodservice & Laundry Facilities Design. Established in 2003 as an independent Design and Planning Consultant with a strong team of 30 personnel, Tri-Arc is headquartered in Thailand with a project gallery spanning all settings with a presence in over 20 countries including Australia, Maldives, Egypt, India, New Zealand, St Kitts, UAE and more. Everything is designed in-house where the combination of Paul and Suresh’s experiences meet the engineers in the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial fields with technicalities then fused with the creative side of Architecture and Interior Design.

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