Meatsmith Jakarta

Burnt Ends Hospitality Group
Burnt Ends Hospitality Group
Year Completed

The second international venture and fourth branch worldwide, the team behind the acclaimed Michelin star restaurant Burnt Ends – the Burnt Ends Hospitality Group and Chef-Owner Dave Pynt brings Meatsmith to Jakarta – a real-deal barbecue that exists outside of America’s traditional barbecue heartlands using heat, char, smoke, and the grill.

Take a shell of a two storey β€œvilla” in Gunawarman, Jakarta and transform it into an approachable indoor/outdoor burgers and beers MEATSMITH β€œXpress” on the ground floor & an elevated MEATSMITH restaurant on the upper floor, focusing on quality steaks and wine. ID for each floor charged with supporting the different price-points, whilst importantly binding the look and feel of the whole property as a Full Metal Smokehouse MEATSMITH destination.

A modern villa look, fitted with large windows and skylight on the upper level and open SEA lifestyle living on the ground floor. On-point metal β€œX” in the windows and bolted iron girders to clad the roof and floor bring meatpacking industrial chic to exterior. On the ground floor a mix of raw concrete and black metal in various formats; mesh, housing rocks or illuminated wall art & pre-fab metal sheeting, provide that burger and beer garden vibe. The black metal staircase, & perforated balustrade houses a wine display. Caged chandeliers above the dining room – housing halogen lighting elevates the ambience to accompany the best steaks in town!  Local materials were sourced for the interiors and the wall art provided by local artists, all the while rooting this International brand to its new home in Jakarta!