Tapasake Club Bar & Restaurant

One & Only Portonovi
One & Only Portonovi
Year Completed

Tasked with the design of the innovative pan-Asian fusion restaurant “Tapasake Club”, a space exuding an atmosphere as lively and exciting as its cuisine.

Concrete flooring is marbled with meandering metal inlay, mimicking the craquelure of “wabi-sabi”, a traditional Japanese aesthetic that celebrates beauty in imperfection. A warm and luxurious feel is cultivated through the use of artisanal bronze and dark mahogany detailing on the raked spatulata plaster ceiling and naked red brickwork in the walls. Complementing this golden, autumnal color palette are neutral fabrics with olive and orange accents and ombre aqua sheer wall partitioning separating the dining tables. Behind the live edge wood bar counter are a row of amber glass display shelves showcasing the intriguing choice of liquors on offer.