The Ledge

Waldorf Astoria Maldives

This approachable beach shack chic destination brings the furnaces of Michelin Star Chef Dave Pynt to the Maldives for a proper island dining and drinking experience.

Interlacing natural timbers with the warmth of the surrounding sandstone, the design embraces the textures of the island. Creating a backdrop for epic food & beverage theatre that is very much in touch with nature.

The restaurant appears as if forged from the area. With reclaimed timber flooring, charred timbers in the furniture, and live edged timber counters in the kitchen and bar. Bespoke bleached driftwood chandeliers hang overhead. Local sandstone, alongside designer lighting pendants and the driftwood chandeliers, bring warmth to the interior and complement the fires of the Chef’s legendary furnaces.

A well-considered lighting and sound system designed in parallel with the interiors, allows The Ledge to operate as a relaxed daytime spot by the pool as well as a dynamic night time destination.