One & Only Portonovi
One & Only
Year Completed

The design explores the many manifestations of sand from its crystalline molecular character, its ability to be transformed into glass & the shapes and textures that one finds as you walk along the beach.

An approachable seaside chic destination that shouts ‘style’ but also feels like a picnic on the beach with friends. Freshness of the produce and process is embraced with the open kitchens and a walk through wine room.

The lines of the design flow through the various spaces and out to the fantastic views. Tone on tone colours and textures reminiscent of the beach and the ceiling features, the forms of which are inspired by the curvaceous lines of sand in shallow waters, all tie the space to its location and ‘frame’ the views of the bay. A colorful light fixture hanging above the bar features hand-blown glass containing grains of sand, conjuring up images of a warm day at the seaside.