Apartment 208

Park Hyatt Suzhou
Park Hyatt
Year Completed

Hidden within the Park Hyatt Suzhou, this destination has its own lifts that transport guests straight into the arrival lobby of a residence.

Bringing an edgy twist to the contemporary β€œGrand Residence”, guests arrive guests into a lobby that seemingly has no door, just a wonderful display of memorabilia that may have been assembled by a globe-trotting modern Renaissance man. A discreet sign on the wall is the only indication of the door that leads you into the sumptuous bar and dining areas beyond.

Inspired by the colours and textures of tobacco, the design celebrates the coming together of whisky and steak. The bar back, designed to represent a large β€œice cube”, hides and reveals a wonderful collection of whiskeys & natural tobacco leaf, preserved in resin cladding on the bar, is only appreciated once you settle into the rich and decadent space.