Allora Ristorante & Bar

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Year Completed

Social F+B took on a consultancy role with Allora Ristorante & Bar, nestled within Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, overseeing the concept creation and branding process. Commencing with a blue-sky brainstorming session, we delved into a comprehensive understanding of the current F&B landscape at Crowne Plaza Changi. Through thorough analyses encompassing the area, competition, demographics, spending patterns, operational efficiency, and labor constraints, we identified the strategic activation needed to optimize the key assets of Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, transforming it into a holistic F&B dining destination.​

Our strategic approach centered on positioning Allora Ristorante & Bar as a unified entity, maximizing space activation to cater to diverse demographics. This not only ensures a versatile and dynamic environment resonating with the local community but also allows for flexible adaptation to various service requirements and spatial dynamics​.

At the heart of Allora’s charm lies vibrant F&B theatre. From the strategic placement of the pizza counter to interactive counters seamlessly transitioning between Γ  la carte and buffet setups, the immersive experience created brings a sense of multi-sensory ambiance to Allora Ristorante & Bar making it a culinary destination within the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.

Picture Credit: Daniel Mackinnon, Joshua Chung and Allora Ristorante & Bar