Akuna Restaurant

Le Mรฉridien, HCMC
Le Mรฉridien, HCMC
Year Completed

In collaboration with chef Sam Aisbett, we undertook the privilege of translating his vision into reality for AKUNA, an upscale restaurant concept in HCMC, through a comprehensive brand style guide.

The process involved working closely with Chef Sam to distill his artistic expression into a comprehensive guide. This document outlines AKUNA’s core philosophy, values, and distinctive features that serve as the foundation for its brand identity and market positioning. By providing clear directives for staff, photography standards, and communication strategies, the guide ensures a consistent and authentic AKUNA experience across all customer interactions, from service standards and rituals to printed and digital marketing materials.

Under the leadership of Lauren Horner, our in-house graphics team delved deep into Chef Sam’s aesthetic vision. We focused on developing unique elements for AKUNA’s logo, signage, and collateral such as menu covers and bill folders. These details are designed to immerse guests fully in Chef Sam’s distinctive perspective from the moment they encounter the brand.